LoveBrownSugar Ultimate Gift Guide: 10 Gifts For Home Decor Buffs

Everyone has a niche for something, a natural talent or an obsession too good to stray away from. And for every family, or circle of friends, theirs an exceptional dancer, a group therapist and sensational cook. Then there’s the design fanatic (guilty!) who goes on and on about the new ideas they have for their space (and yours) and the latest on whose million-dollar Hollywood abode went up for sale.

It matters what glasses are used when guests come over—even if it’s just for tea. Every thing in their home is inspired. Life events, their personal style and eccentricity, the things acquired from their travels are all like colors to an artist and their home is their canvas.

If you’re just plain functional and don’t see the hype around cashing-out on furniture and shiny knick-knacks, I’m here to help you get a grip on things! Below are some awesome holiday gift ideas the home décor enthusiast in your life will love!

For the aspiring interior stylist who always volunteers to set the table and doesn’t let anyone eat until she’s taken enough pictures to run out of storage space.


2. Ostrich feathered guest towels($149)

Naturally, this person likes the finer things but it’s nearing the holidays so splurging on herself may no longer be a priority. Take your loved one to the spa (or at least create the illusion for them) with these promising presents.

5. Shimmering sand hourglass($12-$34)

There’s a reason why this person is always mentioning ways to help you redecorate your space: they’ve run out of their own. Help keep them organized and glamorous. Here are a couple things you can get the home décor buff who has everything (chances are they have too many clothes too).

7. Marbled crystal box($41)

Symbolic gifts welcoming the New Year or something full of life to be the inspiration to start a new project are also excellent choices.

10. The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney($19.25)

A good read, rousing art, and more shiny knick-knacks are all a design-fiend needs!

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